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Onslaught of functionality

Beginning of September I attended SafeCOMP 2009 in Hamburg to hold a talk on the challenges of object oriented programming languages in safety critical applications. One major point which was driven home again and again was that object oriented programming can certainly be used in safety-critical areas but it needs strict development rules which need […]

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ORF’s Futurezone posted a feature article today about Google’s G1 successor – the HTC Hero. There has been another review some time ago by Engadget including a lot more meat regarding the details and handling of the device. As long as there aren’t any reviews by regular users here in Austria, the judges are out, […]

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Internet (r)evolution

The Internet has been developing and still is: HTML5 and Firefox 3.5 offer new possibilities yet unseen or unheard of. Time for old browsers to say goodbye.

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