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Social project management

Staying in touch with up-to-date technology and stuff that’s happening around is becoming more and more of a multi-tasking thing: while back in the days there used to be a batch of magazines and websites to read, suddenly information is coming from all sorts of new sources. I’m not talking blogs here – though strangely […]

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IPMA and PMI certification differences

There are a various standards and methods in regards to project management. Trying to grasp them all at the same time can make one’s head spin. Particularly due to their different vocabulary covering basically the same things. For instance, there are the two well known project management certification paths and associated methodologies by PMI and […]

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Time is flying (by), or sometimes it takes the train

I’m currently working on a feature comparison between IPMA’s and PMI’s methodologies and certification processes. While this itself takes up a good amount of time, I’ve been attending SafeCOMP 2009 in Hamburg last Tuesday. I held one of the talks in regards to object oriented programming in safety-critical applications. The preparation filled what was left […]

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