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ORF’s Futurezone posted a feature article today about Google’s G1 successor – the HTC Hero. There has been another review some time ago by Engadget including a lot more meat regarding the details and handling of the device. As long as there aren’t any reviews by regular users here in Austria, the judges are out, I guess – especially when it comes to coverage/battery lifetime/feature combination. At least none of the Austrian service providers is a “big, steaming heap of failure“. After all, there shouldn’t be any surprises like for instance with the iPhone in the States where a lot of AT&T customers had to realize they were out of luck in regard to MMS support anytime in the future. (more…)

The power of positive

Imagine the following situation: you are sitting down with Bob, one of your project managers, to discuss his ongoing training efforts, to talk about options of certification and courses he might take etc. The company is currently in a tight spot and just a couple of weeks ago the IT budget has been cut. You have limited resources but you are nonetheless dedicated to get people training and create opportunities for personal development. (more…)

Internet (r)evolution

During my time in New York I was relatively active at writing my blog, so it is kind of a deja-vue experience for me to return to this kind of media. In sort of a coincidence I stumbled across an article at showcasing a couple of corporate websites in their 90’s looks. With the help of The Internet Archive the possibilities seem endless or at least endlessly embarrassing: from an – in today’s standards – anything else but inviting McDonalds site to your personal Geocities homepage – you name it, you’ll find it there. (more…)

The new reading experience: e-ink

I’ve always been a fan of ebooks. On the one hand, they are a lot easier to carry – they do not add to the weight of my notebook harddisk – and they can be stored without taking up space on my already limited shelve space. On the other hand – reading books on a computer screen usually has been a major pain in the neck. (more…)