Social project management

Staying in touch with up-to-date technology and stuff that’s happening around is becoming more and more of a multi-tasking thing: while back in the days there used to be a batch of magazines and websites to read, suddenly information is coming from all sorts of new sources. I’m not talking blogs here – though strangely enough, blogs seem to be making a comeback again (including mine, I suppose). It rather is a pointer towards social media and its capabilities for information transport.

I’ve spent the last few minutes on Google Plus, immediately stumbling upon some article on the PMI blog. Yeah, nice read – however I’m wondering if this is really helping me gathering information or rather attracting some online form of ADD.

Events these days are intrinsicly woven into our social fabric – for example, attending this year’s confare Mobile Summit and CIO & IT Manager Summit was as much about online social as it was about networking and meeting people. One was even encouraged to blog, tweet and link/like away. Confare ran a contest for the best online posts, the winner getting a tablet if I remember correctly.

I’m a strong proponent of GTD – doing my best to get things off my chest by writing it down immediately and dealing with it one by one. I’ve got to admit I’m still searching for the optimal solution to integrate online social into this work set; particularly because this kind of connection happens very ad hoc and requires immediate attention to stay fresh. Then again, I suppose this will keep evolving just like project management.

Speaking of GTD: I hope to get around on writing up my review of a couple of tools I’ve tried out over the course of the past 12 months. For the time being I’ve settled with Thinking Rock after checking out Tracks, Mantis, iGTD, …

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